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Easy install units, lowest monthly realtime GPS tracking plans available!


We offer our clients the latest in GPS technology, custom solutions geared to meet each of their specific needs at affordable prices.
Our business focuses on providing fleet, auto, trailer, heavy equipment, contractor and auto industry tracking space in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Track Your Portfolio All the Way to the Bank
Don't let customers drive off with your profits, our cost effective GPS solutions help you securely track, recover and communicate with your portfolio of leased and financed vehicles in real time. We don't have contracts and never charge monthly fees.

The benefits of real time GPS tracking devices for businesses of all sizes and personal uses are numerous, GPS tracking is invaluable for many professions, we deal with hundreds of auto dealers, contractors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, caterers, charter bus companies, taxis, limousines, parents of teen drivers, small and large businesses with sales and service fleets, executives, these are just a few examples of businesses utilizing GPS tracking.

Join the many who are using GPS tracking to increase profits, reduce insurance costs, encourage safe driving habits and make their businesses more profitable and secure.
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